Dilshad Leaves Israel in the Snow


Upon waking Wednesday morning, I admired the beautiful snowy landscape from my window.

But I had to hurry "and make tracks" as at 11am, three boys were anxiously waiting to go home to Iraq after being in Israel for heart surgeries.

As I pulled up to the Shevet house, Dilshad, Hardi, and Aras dashed through the newly fallen snow with unrestraint. Once we were all piled in the van, our destination was the Al Aqsa mosque where each family spent some time in prayer.
they were exiting the Mosque area, they were so excited and chattering amongst themselves, they walked right by without even noticing me! Once again, we all got in the van to head back to Shevet for final packing to head for the Jordanian border. But simple packing wasn't on their minds; they had to sit and have some lunch (aromas of chicken and rice filled the air), and say a final goodbye to the other families staying there.

Finally by about 3:30 pm we were headed to Beit She'an, Aras and Hardi taking up the front seats with me. They quickly found the snack bag I packed for them, and soon chips, nuts, and drinks were being passed around. All except the cashews, that is; Hardi decided that he should be the keeper of the bag. As we were driving out of snowy Jerusalem and into the plains headed toward the Jordan valley, more of God's handiwork appeared in the sky--two spectacular rainbows.

Upon reaching the border, we were informed that on the Jordanian side, the road was closed due to snow in Amman. Now what? Phone calls were made to Dirk, our Shevet teammate in Jordan, and he had to make the long trip around which would take an additional two hours. So while our little group waited, we decided to eat again and went to buy some falafel sandwiches.

The last leg of this journey quickly came to an end, as I got them processed through security and soon loaded their luggage onto the bus that would take them into Jordan. This goodbye was bittersweet. God has given me a love for these boys and their families. Through all the travels back and forth from Wolfson to Jerusalem, and visiting them while in the hospital, I've become quite attached to them. But it was a precious time for me to be able to send them on their way home and pray that God's spirit goes with them. As the bus pulled away I felt a little piece of my heart go cold, and not because of the snow or blustery, damp, cold wind. It is that they have become in some odd and strange sort of way... family. And I'm not sure whether I will ever see them again. I can hear the Father say, "Heaven will not be complete until all nations have entered in." Yes, these are the sons of Abraham!


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