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Hardi's admittance to the hospital last night was also an opportunity to visit our other patients there. My first stop was the ICU, where I expected to find Mustafa, Aras and Dilshad. I was surprised to learn that only two days after his second surgery, Dilshad was already in the intermediate ICU! I found him sleeping, with his mother by his side. Dilshad's mother said that he was not eating and had a stomach ache. At first I thought this was simply from post-surgical bloating. After a short while, Dilshad began to wake up, and when he did, he began to cry with stomach pain. One of the nurses asked the doctor on duty in the ward last night, Dr. Ner, to check Dilshad. He said he apparently had a stomach virus, and would be given some medication to help him.

Dilshad fell back to sleep for a little while, and when he awoke again, seemed to feel a little better. He was able to eat a little Iraqi style rice shared with him by Mustafa's mother, and he smiled a little and watched the visit of Aras (in the next bed) and Hardi. We left him falling back to sleep, seemingly more settled.

Today when I saw Dilshad, he looked much better. He was watching TV, and had a very brief visit from his little friend Juliana who'd come to be checked for sniffles and sore throat.

Please pray for Dilshad's body to be completely healed. Pray for his mom who is very tired, yet finds it hard to go to rest and take care of herself. We try to explain and remind the mothers that if they are not strong, they cannot keep up the long hours of care needed for their children. It is simply very hard for the mothers to leave when the child cries for them to stay, even though there are nurses watching constantly. Even the nurse commented to me last night that this is the time when Dilshad's mother needed to be the one in charge rather than Dilshad, so she could get the food and rest she needs. I shared with her that she must take time to eat and rest, in order to be her son's best helper, but I don't think she was ready to take that step away from him yet. Please join me in praying for them.


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