Today's Valve Repair Appears Successful

The repair of Dilshad's valve preceded Aras' surgery today, so as I walked with Aras and his mother to the operating room I told Dilshad's mother I'd let her know if her son was ready to come upstairs. While Aras' mother and I were putting on the hospital garments required for that area, I asked one of the nurses when Dilshad was coming upstairs. To my surprise, she said he had already been taken to the ICU!! After Aras went into surgery and I went upstairs, I went straight to Dilshad's mother to see if she knew it, and by then she had been able to see him, and was relieved that it was over. When I was able a little later to join her by Dilshad's bedside, she was crying. She was worried about the high heart rate the monitor showed, and the nurses were working around him in response to messages on the equipment attached to his body. I comforted this very tired mother for a short while, and prayed for both of them as I sat. Then I had to return to the group of new patients from Iraq.

After the tests for the new patients were finished and they headed back to Jerusalem with another volunteer, I went again to see Dilshad. At this time his heart rate was lower, and his mother was calmer. Dr. Cohen told us that everything went well with the valve repair today, and he was expected to recover. Thank God for this good report!!

Thank you for praying for Dilshad and his mother during this intense day for them. Please keep praying!! The first 24 hours after surgery are crucial. It is my hope that we will see Dilshad recovering quickly now that he's had this good repair done. I am certain that his mother will become a happier woman as Dilshad becomes strong again.

Note: The lights over Dilshad were switched off when Donna last saw him in the ICU this evening, so she chose not to disturb him or the medical staff by taking pictures.

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