In Urgent Need of Our Prayers

It was a shock to learn today from Dr. Tamir that Dilshad's surgery was not a success, and he will undergo another surgery tomorrow morning. This is to repair a tiny tear in the atrial valve which happened during surgery. It was stitched at the time it happened, but it did not stay sutured. Although Dilshad looks very good, he is in urgent need of our prayers. Dr. Tamir told me to tell our people to pray for Dilshad, and I assured him I would. Please consider this a very urgent matter before the Lord for little Dilshad. Besides this, please pray for his mother. She naturally did not handle the news well and Dr. Tamir was concerned for her too.

I was able to spend a little time with Dilshad and his mother this afternoon. I went to the ICU, but they were in the intermediate ICU instead, watching TV together. Dilshad was awake today, and although he was quiet, he enjoyed playing with some small cars on his bed. We laughed together as the blankets and even a candy bar became the road for his jeep to traverse for his entertainment. Please pray for this worried mother, as she is very emotional and concerned since everything looked good up till now. I asked her permission to pray for her and Dilshad before I left them. We will update you tomorrow.

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