Doing Very Well After Surgery

When I called the hospital this morning to see if Dilshad had gone to surgery, I was told his would be the second surgery of the day, and they expected to take him about noon. I called again after eleven to see if they knew if he would be able to have the surgery, and they said call again around twelve. I waited until a little after twelve to call a third time hoping that the first surgery was successfully finished so that Dilshad could indeed have his surgery today. I got the good news that he had already gone to surgery, so I hurried out to get to the hospital.

I found Dilshad's mom walking down the hall from the children's ward, on her way back to the waiting room beside the operating room. She gave me a tearful hug and talked about how long they'd had to wait with no food before the surgery. She was relieved to see Dilshad's number on a screen by the waiting room, indicating his surgery was under way. We waited a while longer, and got a report from one of the surgical team saying that things were going well, and to expect him out of surgery around five. We walked back upstairs and sat together in the "fish room" waiting area between the children's ward and the ICU. It was obvious that Dilshad's mother was exhausted from the long day's wait, but the visits by other mothers passing through the room each brought a little encouragement as the next hour passed. We went back downstairs around five and just as we got to the window of the waiting room to look at the screen for Dilshad's number, it went off the screen, and Dr. Sasson walked by us. I called his name and asked about Dilshad, and he said the surgery was finished and he was doing very well. Dilshad's mother was relieved, but when I explained that this was the doctor who'd done the actual surgery, she was very relieved because she realized she'd just spoken to the man who'd performed the surgery.

Still there was the waiting for her son to actually come from the surgery to the ICU, and we went to the corner hallway which has a great vantage point from which the patien
ts can be seen as they're wheeled to the ICU. After over a half hour more, we saw Dilshad being wheeled towards us. His mother had the usual reaction of tears of joy and relief upon seeing her son again. We followed the gurney to the ICU doors where we were told we must wait while the medical team attached the appropriate wires, monitors, tubes and machines. At that time we chose to go down the hall to the ward so we could see Mustafa and his mother, since I'd just received a call with the good news that they were being admitted for his surgery tomorrow. When we'd been there about half an hour we went back to ICU, but they asked us to wait five more minutes. These little waits are long for the parents! When we were allowed to go in, we were told by Dr. Houri that everything was very good. The surgery went very well, and Dilshad would sleep now and if everything went well, would be extubated tomorrow, and begin to wake up.

Tonight please pray that Dilshad's mother will get a good night's rest so she can be ready to be with Dilshad when he does wake up. Ask the Lord for Dilshad's body to be healed supernaturally quickly so they can get back to their family in Iraq. And pray for the family there as they wait for Dilshad and his mother's return. All of them are looking forward to being together again as soon as possible.

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