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Wednesday evening brought the news which Dilshad's mother had been waiting for for a very long time - Dilshad's surgery was scheduled for Sunday morning, and he was to report to the hospital for admission on Friday. Dilshad himself was not so happy to hear the news. He did not want to leave the Shevet house and his friends: the Berg children and Aras. Try as he might to convince his mother to stay, he learned that staying was not an option, so after a hug-filled goodbye among the children before they left for school, we set off for the hospital Friday.

When we arrived to the nurse's station, we were met by a new doctor, a visiting pediatrician, who told us we were mistaken, and that another child was scheduled for surgery Sunday morning. We know that there are often emergencies which arise and require planned surgery slots, as some of ''our'' children have been the ones needing those slots from time to time. In this case, Dr. Tamir was in meetings and could not be reached, so after discussion among the other staff, the decision was made to admit Dilshad at that time, and if needed, send him to the Save A Child's Heart house to wait for a new surgery slot. Dilshad's mother was relieved, and Dilshad was oblivious to why the inevitable was delayed a few minutes.

The nurses immediately began prepping Dilshad for pre-surgery testing, and his disposition began to take on a serious tone.

I had brought along a "Hot Wheels" toy car just for this occasion, since those are among his favorite toys, but even this took some time to draw his attention away from what was about to happen. As we left them in the ward to go to the Save A Child's Heart house for a visit, Dilshad was changing into his hospital pajamas, and beginning to become more interested in his new wheels.

Early this morning I called the hospital to check on the status of Dilshad's scheduled surgery, and was told he will be the second surgery of the day barring complications in the first one, and currently he's expected to go at about noon. Please pray for Dilshad to have peace during this waiting time. It is very hard for the children to fast before surgery, and waiting till noon is a challenge to explain to a hungry child. Pray for his mother to have patience and comfort as she waits and then, God willing, is able to see Dilshad off for his long-awaited heart surgery. We will send an update later today about his progress.

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