Farewell Party

Donya is too young to understand all that was going on around her today, as the Shevet house became a flurry of activity while her mother, and the mothers of Fanya and Azhin, prepared for their departure Wednesday morning. There was last minute shopping so that everyone back home would have a gift from the journey, last minute laundry to do and pack away, and lots of pictures to remember the special friendships formed here. Donya however laid back and enjoyed her usual activities while everyone else scrambled around her.
This evening we all gathered for a farewell dinner filled with lots of laughter and tears. We all pitched in to create a good blend of international cuisine, and finished it off with a wonderful chocolate cake from a bakery in the Old City. Follow this link to watch a video clip of Donya after dinner.

There were more pictures taken and as the mothers began to reflect on the reality of leaving, especially leaving behind their good friend Um Rasan, the tears flowed freely. These are precious relationships which will be lifelong opportunities to stay in touch once the families are home in Iraq again. It is our delight to send these families home with a literal new chance for life, and it is our prayer that their hearts have been forever changed by the grace and love of God they've encountered while with us.

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