A Difficult Echo For Donya and Mom


Today Donya went in for an echocardiogram to see if she was healthy enough to return to Iraq. During the wait for the doctors, she and the other patients, Azhin and Fanya, played house like healthy girls.

After the doctors arrived they attempted to explain to Donya's mom that she would need to have one more echo next week to be sure she was healthy. The message apparently became confused in the translation from Hebrew, to Arabic, to Kurdish and Donya's mother understood that she would have to move in to the hospital because something was wrong with Donya. At this she began sobbing and fell to the floor. After everything was sorted out Donya's mother was still upset that she may have to wait longer than the other mothers to go home to Iraq. Donya screamed during the entire echo, and afterward she was reticent to allow anyone to touch her, and wasn't the happy babbling baby she normally is. Fortunately, by the time we left the hospital Donya seemed to perk up and return to her normal self.

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