Halla's Heart Surgery


Back to Gaza for Baby Halla

Posted on Thu, 07/30/2009 - 01:00 by Maddison_Verdecia

Today Justin and I took baby Halla back to the Gaza border. It was incredible to see her and her mom again after being able to witness Halla's surgery last week.

She seems to be recovering well, and her mom seemed very relieved and excited to be going home. She slept most of the ride only making a few noises, and when we got to the border we made it smoothly across. Praise God!

Baby Halla Taken to Surgery

Posted on Thu, 07/23/2009 - 01:00 by Maddison_Verdecia

Today Mary and I were able to meet and wait with the mother of Halla, one of our Gaza children, as Halla went into surgery. As we were walking to the waiting room, the surgeon Dr. Sasson passed us in the hallway, and I was able to ask him a little bit more about the surgery she was about to undergo. He explained that this is the first of a series of three surgeries she will need in total, and that they were waiting to see if she made it through this one before they talk about the future. Halla is only three months old, and has only one valve where she is supposed to have two, and this was causing a lot of excess blood being pumped into the lungs, and not enough into the rest of her body. The doctor explained to me that this surgery was to tie something around the valve in order to decrease the flow of blood into the lungs, and that the risk came in deciding how tight it needs to be.

Hearing we were part of Shevet Achim, the doctor invited me to come and watch the operation, and I was able to watch the entire thing very closely, even getting commentary in English, from multiple doctors, about what was happening throughout! I was asked a lot of questions myself, and was able to explain a little more about Shevet Achim, and what we do. A specialist was called in to determine exactly how tightly the valve should be tied, and I was able to pray for Halla throughout the surgery, while she was less than a foot away! Praise be to God, the surgery was an overall success, and she will have two more to come.

Another huge blessing was as they were still stitching her up, I was able to quickly leave, and report the good news to the anxious mother and Mary who were waiting outside the ICU.

Soon after Halla was wheeled out, and her mother was by her side again. Tonight Halla is recovering in the ICU.

Baby Halla Kept for UrgentSurgery

Posted on Thu, 07/16/2009 - 01:00 by Justin_Strong

We brought Halla from Gaza on Tuesday, and after assessing her the
doctors decided she would need to remain at the hospital for surgery. Halla
is being kept in the ICU until her surgery because of a condition in her
lungs related to her heart problem. Her lung volume is dangerously high, so
in order to decrease this she is receiving air with a lower oxygen
concentration which allows her lungs to constrict within acceptable levels.
She is under close monitoring by the ICU doctors and nurses and is expected
to have surgery sometime next week.