Hanar's Heart Surgery


Hanar Leaves Israel With a Whole Heart

Posted on Fri, 01/29/2010 - 00:00 by Jonathan Miles
After celebrating Hanar's release last night with a party at the Shevet Center in Jerusalem (above), we set out this morning for Jordan and the flight home to her family in Iraq. Last stop in Jerusalem was the Garden Tomb, just down the hill from us, for a vivid illustration of the truth that Messiah lives!

Both Hanar and mother were cheerful throughout the long day and all the way through to nightfall, when I passed them off to our coworker Dirk by the shore of the Dead Sea in Jordan.

The next day they flew back to Iraq, where we trust God's grace will continue to work in the life of precious Hanar and her family.

Hanar Will Soon Be Going Home

Posted on Mon, 01/25/2010 - 06:45 by Michelle_Bradburn

What a blessing little Hanar has been! Such a precious girl, so joyful and bright. Though so small, she went into her final echo this morning with complete peace and confidence in those big shining eyes of hers, clapping her hands with glee every time I called her name. Her mother is so sweet to her, so full of love for this little girl. Because the echo went on a bit longer than usual, her mother was becoming a bit anxious, but the doctor was very reassuring and hummed a pretty tune to Hanar throughout the echo. Hanar just loved it, staring wide-eyed and simply entranced by his voice and the kindness that he showed.

When the echo was done Hanar's mother anxiously asked the doctor how she was, and he answered with calm encouragement that Hanar's heart is happy and well, and she's released to go home to Iraq.

Praise God for this news which was such a relief to her mother, and such an answer to all of our prayers! Thank you all who have prayed for this little girl during these few months she's been away from home, God has really blessed this dear family. Pray that they would leave this place knowing even more clearly the love and goodness of the Lord, and that they would know with joy and certaintly that all life comes from him, and that he is always with them.

Hanar and her mother will probably be heading home on Friday of this week, so let's pray God will bless this time before they leave with new joy, and with peace and strength as they prepare to return to their home and family. We will miss them dearly, but are so thankful for the great work God has been doing in little Hanar's heart and in her life.

Two Weeks to Go for Hanar

Posted on Mon, 01/11/2010 - 00:00 by Donna_West

Sweet little Hanar had an excellent echo today. She is on very little medication and doing great. Her cardiologist Dr.Alona sent her to have a few stitches removed and told her mother, "If all continues this well, two more echos and you can return to Iraq." Thank you for your prayers for Hanar. Please pray that "The Great Healer" will continue to work in this little girl to bring her to full development and make use of all the gifts she possesses. She knows how to give her undivided attention to those she admires.

Hanar's Heart Looking Good

Posted on Mon, 01/04/2010 - 00:00 by Donna_West

Five Iraqi children were invited for echos this morning. Hanar's echo was the fourth one and it looked very good. She was taken off all medication except half of a little white pill until she returns next week for another echo. Little Hanar is a bundle of happy energy and we thank you for your prayer support for her and her mother.

With five children waiting in the hospital corridor, we took turns being the "entertainment committee." Part of the time we entertained the children and the other part of the time they entertained us. Blowing bubbles, pushing strollers, exchanging kisses and just hanging out together was all part of the morning that lasted until well past lunch time.

Hanar Leaves Hospital After Surgery

Posted on Thu, 12/31/2009 - 00:00 by Donna_West

Hanar was freed from the hospital today in time for our New Years Eve party in Jerusalem. She has continued to be a very active and smiley little girl. Her mother's only complaint is that she seems to have boundless energy and doesn't sleep. Of course, when baby doesn't sleep, neither does mama. Today I was told Hanar was in echo with the other children, and she would be the last echo because she needs to be sedated for sleep. It is the only way this little one will quit moving long enough to get a clear picture of what the heart is now doing. The report is good and Hanar will return to Shevet Achim with orders for another follow up echo on Monday.

Please pray for Hanar's continued healiing. Her mother is anxious to return to her family and other children. Also pray for her mother to receive help when she gets home from extended family so she can get some rest. She has been a wonderful help to us from her arrival. She has always kept herself available to translate from English to Arabic and/or Kurdish as needed to the best of her ability.

Hanar and Mom Come Through Surgery Day

Posted on Sun, 12/27/2009 - 06:45 by Jonathan Miles

Michelle and I arrived at Wolfson Hospital early this morning to find it had been a difficult night for Hanar's mother. She had less than 30 minute notice last night that her daughter was invited for her heart surgery the following morning due to a change in the schedule. Hanar's mother had been sick at her stomach most of the night while keeping her 18 month old little girl calm. An empty nipple and a gentle stroke or song is all that can be offered the night before surgery, as the children are fasting. As the nurses began to turn on the lights for their morning rounds we were told there had been another change during the night. One of the children still in ICU needed to go back into surgery, so Hanar would be second on the days schedule. By 12:30 we were on our way to the operating room. This always a very emotional time for parents as they leave their children in the hands of a surgeon. Hanar's mother was not able to eat; she only wanted to rest while she waited. By 5 PM we finally got to see a sleeping Hanar connected to many monitors in the ICU and on her way to recovery.

The player will show in this paragraph

The doctors reported this was another heart successfully repaired. Thank you for all your prayers for Hanar's healing and full development into a healthy and happy young lady.

Hanar Already Breathing On Her Own

Posted on Wed, 01/28/2009 - 00:00 by Donna_West

When I came in this morning to see Hanar I was surprised to see she had already been extubated (breathing tube removed) after yesterday's surgery. It seems as though Hanar has not slept through as much of her ICU time as the other children. Due to her small size, her medication dosage is less so she wakes easily. Her mother seems to be very reluctant to leave her side to eat or for any reason, wanting to be there constantly to sooth her when she awakens with frequent startles and cries. Please pray for peaceful healing rest for this little girl and for her attentive mother. May God grant her the gift of being better than ever.

Hanar Happy...Until the Exams Start

Posted on Wed, 01/07/2009 - 00:00 by Jonathan Miles

Hanar, age 16 months, is our youngest member of the Shevet family right now. She is playful and sweet and was the second child to enter the exam room today at the Wolfson Medical Center. Half of those tears and screams were just from having to be undressed. Her "birthday suit" does not seem to be her favorite outfit!

As happy as this little one is it is hard to imagine just that she is considered one of the more urgent cases. She is already on medications until the hole in her heart can be closed. Please pray for Hanar and her mother.

The surgery schedule is crowded and the mothers of these children bear more emotional stress than many of the children. Hanar's mother shows a great amount of commitment toward being a support system for the other mothers and children. She uses her ability to translate from Arabic to Kurdish to help relieve their fears and encourage them. Please keep her in your prayers also.

Hanar and Mom Glad to be in Israel

Posted on Tue, 01/06/2009 - 00:00 by Jonathan Miles

One-year-old Hanar reached Israel this evening along with four other Iraq children. Both she and her mother were cheerful, and Mom seemed to view Israel as a place of hope and healing. We didn't see any apprehension as we might have in the past; word must be getting around northern Iraq of how well they'll be treated here!

Tomorrow morning Hanar will report to the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon for her first exams; we'll keep this page updated.