Hanar Will Soon Be Going Home

What a blessing little Hanar has been! Such a precious girl, so joyful and bright. Though so small, she went into her final echo this morning with complete peace and confidence in those big shining eyes of hers, clapping her hands with glee every time I called her name. Her mother is so sweet to her, so full of love for this little girl. Because the echo went on a bit longer than usual, her mother was becoming a bit anxious, but the doctor was very reassuring and hummed a pretty tune to Hanar throughout the echo. Hanar just loved it, staring wide-eyed and simply entranced by his voice and the kindness that he showed.

When the echo was done Hanar's mother anxiously asked the doctor how she was, and he answered with calm encouragement that Hanar's heart is happy and well, and she's released to go home to Iraq.

Praise God for this news which was such a relief to her mother, and such an answer to all of our prayers! Thank you all who have prayed for this little girl during these few months she's been away from home, God has really blessed this dear family. Pray that they would leave this place knowing even more clearly the love and goodness of the Lord, and that they would know with joy and certaintly that all life comes from him, and that he is always with them.

Hanar and her mother will probably be heading home on Friday of this week, so let's pray God will bless this time before they leave with new joy, and with peace and strength as they prepare to return to their home and family. We will miss them dearly, but are so thankful for the great work God has been doing in little Hanar's heart and in her life.

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