Hanar Leaves Hospital After Surgery

Hanar was freed from the hospital today in time for our New Years Eve party in Jerusalem. She has continued to be a very active and smiley little girl. Her mother's only complaint is that she seems to have boundless energy and doesn't sleep. Of course, when baby doesn't sleep, neither does mama. Today I was told Hanar was in echo with the other children, and she would be the last echo because she needs to be sedated for sleep. It is the only way this little one will quit moving long enough to get a clear picture of what the heart is now doing. The report is good and Hanar will return to Shevet Achim with orders for another follow up echo on Monday.

Please pray for Hanar's continued healiing. Her mother is anxious to return to her family and other children. Also pray for her mother to receive help when she gets home from extended family so she can get some rest. She has been a wonderful help to us from her arrival. She has always kept herself available to translate from English to Arabic and/or Kurdish as needed to the best of her ability.

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