Hanar Happy...Until the Exams Start

Hanar, age 16 months, is our youngest member of the Shevet family right now. She is playful and sweet and was the second child to enter the exam room today at the Wolfson Medical Center. Half of those tears and screams were just from having to be undressed. Her "birthday suit" does not seem to be her favorite outfit!

As happy as this little one is it is hard to imagine just that she is considered one of the more urgent cases. She is already on medications until the hole in her heart can be closed. Please pray for Hanar and her mother.

The surgery schedule is crowded and the mothers of these children bear more emotional stress than many of the children. Hanar's mother shows a great amount of commitment toward being a support system for the other mothers and children. She uses her ability to translate from Arabic to Kurdish to help relieve their fears and encourage them. Please keep her in your prayers also.

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