Last Day in Israel

Like the other Iraqis who have come before her, Hedi's mother requested to see Jerusalem on her last day in Israel. Jonathan and I walked with her and Hedi through the alleys lined with shops and tempting goods. Of course, this dear mother could not resist getting some shopping done along the way!

At the Temple Mount gate the security guards told us that the premises were closed for the morning session and that we could return to visit in the afternoon. This was not possible as Hedi and his mother had to leave soon after lunch to travel to the border crossing to make their way home via Jordan.

The security supervisor was curious to know why this young Iraqi mother was here in Israel, and Jonathan struck up a conversation with him. It was heart-warming to watch this Israeli man play with Hedi, who was delighted to have his little fingers tickled, and he grasped the man's finger in response. And all parties were then delighted to learn that this Jewish man's parents had come to Israel 56 years ago from the same city in Iraq that Hedi is from!

We were able to enter the plaza area of the Western Wall, and when we came out Jonathan showed Hedi's mother where the temple once stood, and explained how it was destroyed as Jesus had foretold a generation before.

Since we were so near the Garden Tomb, we walked the short distance to the site and managed to enter the premises even though the place was officially closed at noon. Here, Jonathan briefly shared with Hedi's mother why the tomb of Jesus was empty.

After lunch, Simantov drove Hedi and his mother, accompanied by Donna, to the border. Tomorrow Donna will update us on the rest of the story....

I was both glad yet sad to see Hedi leave us so soon, but I know he will probably grow up with stories his parents would tell him about his special trip to Israel where he has received his life-saving operation... and the CD of photos and video clips I had made for him will serve to help him the understand what his parents will be telling him. I pray that Hedi will grow up knowing that God so loves him that He made it possible for Hedi to come to Israel before he was even one year old, to have his heart healed!

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