Making A Good Recovery

Hedi was sitting in his mother's lap finishing his bottle when we walked into the ICU last evening. But before I could finish washing my hands and get to the bedside with my camera, he was already in his bed again, and he was very agitated and crying. Perhaps it was the movement, or that he just couldn't get comfortable, but nothing could console him for a few minutes, which seemed an eternity to his mother. The nurses checked everything to be sure there was nothing out of place with the tubes or wires on the monitors, and when everything was found to be as it should be, they gave him some medicine to help him rest. He fell asleep within minutes.

The doctor reported that Hedi is doing well and making a good recovery. We can see for ourselves that his oxygenation is 100%, and when we asked about his respiration, we were assured he is doing well. Hedi's mother was reassured when we talked to her to repeat this news. They assured his mom he would sleep for a few hours, so she wanted to come with us to visit Rayan, and also Soz who, much to our surprise, had already been moved to the children's ward.

I returned to the ICU for a brief goodbye before we left the hospital, and found Hedi awake and peacefully holding hands with his mother - wouldn't you know I'd left my camera just outside the room!! He was alert and looked like he was beginning to recognize everything going on around him. Let's keep praying for Hedi and his mom as he recuperates. I look forward to seeing those adorable grins again soon, and watching him gain strength and become his playful self again.

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