Hedi Comes Safely through Four Hour Surgery

When I arrived at the hospital today Hedi had been in the operating room for almost 2 hours already. His sweet mother was waiting with our friend Robin in the "fish (aquarium) room" near the ICU.

Hedi's mother knew the surgery would last about four hours, so she waited as patiently as possible as we sat together in the hallway for a perfect view of all the patients who return from surgery to the ICU. After about four and one-half hours Dr. Katz came to speak with her to let her know the surgery was finished. He told us the hole between the ventricles of Hedi's heart was now closed, and the surgery was a success. Immediately the color came back to his mother's face, as did the smile, while she thanked God, and thanked the doctor.

Next came the waiting for her son to be wheeled up from surgery and to the ICU. Before too long, we heard the cries of a child in the hall, and Hedi's mother recognized those cries as belonging to Soz. She had been sleeping but was awakened to go to the OR for her own surgery, and was crying all the way as her mother carried her. The trauma of that caused some tears from her mother as well, and she asked me to accompany her to the OR, which I was allowed to do. Because of this, I did not get to see Hedi rolled into the ICU, but instead went to visit him after seeing Soz safely into surgery and settling her mother for the wait. I found Hedi with his mother sitting beside him in the ICU. Hedi looks very good, and is currently sedated and intubated, which is the normal procedure. After sitting with him for a while, Hedi's mother came out of the ICU to have something to eat. She came to me later to tell me Hedi was cold, and to ask the nurses to add more blankets. I did speak with the nurses who said Hedi had a small fever so they removed the blanket for a little while and gave him medicine for the fever. The nurse assured me that Hedi was ok.

When I left this evening, Hedi was sleeping in the ICU and his mother was visiting with the other mothers in the ward. She will need to rest tonight so that she can be with him as he starts to wake up tomorrow.

Please join us in thanking God for Hedi's successful surgery today! Continue to pray for him to have a fast and uneventful recovery, and for his mother to have courage and stamina as she sees him through the process. It is our hope that he will have a miraculously quick recuperation, and be able to return to her home and her husband in record time.

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