Happy Hedi

We had high hopes that today would be the day Hedi would be released from Wolfson Hospital to the SACH house, but the nurses reported that he would need to stay another night. While his mother was disappointed, she was looking forward to the new opportunity tomorrow would bring. Hedi's wheezing is definitely much better, and his cough is subsiding too. I missed the doctor by just a few minutes today, so did not get the chance to speak with her about whether this improvement can be attributed to the steroid medication along with the breathing treatments Hedi has had.

Please pray for Hedi and his mother as they wait for his cough to be healed. She is forming friendships with the Palestinian mothers in the children's ward with her, but misses the companionship of the other Iraqi mothers. Both Karwan and Rayan with their mothers visited them today when they were at the hospital for their echos. Thankfully we have been able to keep a steady supply of other visitors in to see them too, and happy Hedi enjoys the company very much.

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