Hiba's Heart Surgery


Going Out in Style

Posted on Wed, 08/04/2010 - 01:00 by Simcha_Kimsey

After rising early to meet the plane at Ben Gurion Airport at 4 am, Hiba was finally awake and excited to be going home. Under the dark sky she and her mother passed through the Shevet Achim gate one last time since arriving in Jersualem from Morocco nearly three months ago. We have all been through so much together!

Our coworker Essa and I escorted Hiba and Malika to the airport and unloaded their bags, while Hiba looked on with such exuberance that I had to take a picture of her wonderful smile.

She looked like a movie star returning home as Essa transported the baggage over the sky bridge.

Hiba was glad to accept the ride on top of the luggage after a sleepy morning trip. Hiba and Malika returned home to Morocco after a successful surgery for the both of them. We received word afterward of their safe return home, after arriving in Morocco.

Morocco On Her Mind

Posted on Tue, 07/27/2010 - 01:00 by Ellen_Husted

Although Hiba had a fantastic surgery last month, she and her mother are still in Jerusalem due to the unavailability of flights from Israel to Morocco. The wait is frustrating, but their departure date, August 4th, is approaching soon. Hiba has recovered well, and has no complications since her discharge; she has even completed her month long post-op medication. Her mother Malika is also doing well; earlier she was treated for a case of pancreatitis secondary to gallstone duct blockage, but she has had no complications or reoccurrence. In Morocco, she will have a cholecystectomy to prevent a reoccurrence. Both mother and daughter (although anxious to return home to their family) have been enjoying their extended stay in Jerusalem. For instance, we do family outings as often as possible and both Hiba and Malika enjoy themselves immensely. In the last month we have gone to the park, the beach, and a VBS program at Christ Church in Jerusalem. But despite the activities both mother and daughter look forward to going home soon. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Hiba is Done!

Posted on Mon, 06/21/2010 - 07:46 by Charles_Hicks

Hiba and her mother were eager to get to the hospital today in order to see if their return to Morocco was on the horizon. We were sent up to echos quickly, but once we were there, we had to wait until the last two appointments to be seen.

While waiting, Hiba played with other children from Save A Child's Heart and also practiced writing her name and numbers in Arabic. She is quite the little scholar.

When Hiba's turn was called she was so brave. By this point, there wasn't a hint of fear at the echo machine.

Hiba's mother came out with a huge smile and proclaimed that Hiba is done! She gets to return home to Morocco very soon. We went downstairs to have the stitches taken out, which was the part that Hiba got very scared over. She does not like being cut open. Not many five-year-olds like to be cut open. The medical staff at Wolfson then sent Hiba and her mother off with their blessings.

Hiba arrived here at Shevet just before I did, and I have seen her throughout her entire process from when she arrived so blue, taken her to dentist appointments, had her not like me due to her thinking that I was the doctor that performed her catheterization, had multiple dance parties upstairs with her, and assisted her mother with her medications for days. She and her mother have each become such regular parts of the day here at Shevet that it will be very different with them gone. Praise the Lord for Hiba and her mother. God bless them as they return home to Morocco. They are loved.

Hiba Within One Week of Release

Posted on Mon, 06/14/2010 - 07:46 by Ellen_Husted

Hiba had a great echo today! So far, her surgery has been a huge success. She also had her pacemaker wires removed today (a good sign). She also had her medication reduced from four meds, to two; overall, she is recovering nicely.

Please pray that she will continue to thrive after her operation. Hiba has another echo on Monday, and if it looks good, she will be released to go back home to Morocco. Pray that all her post-operative proedures would be successful, and that Hiba would be able to return soon to her family.

Hiba Bides the Hospital Farewell

Posted on Wed, 06/09/2010 - 01:00 by Ellen_Husted
Hiba got to come home from the hospital today! Her chest tube is out and the doctors are pleased with the resolution of the air pocket that was in her chest. Thank you all for praying!

Both Hiba and her mother were glad to leave the hospital behind and to be back at Shevet Achim. Praise God! Hiba is recovering nicely, and she has an echocardiogram on Monday to evaluate the effectiveness of her surgery. Please pray that the echo will reveal a successful procedure.

Hiba Cheerful and Feeling Better

Posted on Mon, 06/07/2010 - 01:00 by

Hiba is still in the intermediate Intensive Care Unit. She continues to have a chest tube due to a pocket of air in her chest cavity. The doctors are unsure as to when the tube will be removed as it all depends on the air pocket. Hiba has also experienced some diarrhea the past couple days, and a stool sample was sent to the lab for evaluation. However, today her diarrhea stopped, and she felt great!

Today some clowns from the hospital came and cheered up the children in the ICU. Alongside the clowns, another Shevet Achim volunteer, Ricky, made balloon animals for the children, and there were lots of laughter and games in the ICU today. We will keep you updated on Hibas condition. Please pray that the air pocket will leave her body, and that her discharge would be a quick one.

Hiba Has Already Left the ICU

Posted on Mon, 05/31/2010 - 07:46 by Charles_Hicks

Today we found that Hiba is out of ICU and already in the intermediate ICU, just one day after surgery. She is breathing on her own, (semi)awake, and doing very well, thank God! Doctors say that she should be back at the Shevet home soon.

Hiba Goes to Surgery

Posted on Sun, 05/30/2010 - 07:46 by Charles_Hicks
This morning, Ellen and I awoke bright and early to get to the hospital for Hiba's surgery. We walked with Malika (Hiba's mother) and Hiba back to the surgical waiting room and played with maracas, small wagons, and balloon gloves. Hiba was in very good spirits going into surgery. When she went into her surgery, Malika was extremely excited. She has been waiting for this for a long time, and this surgery was the first surgery done in Israel on a Moroccan child. So it was a monumental day for all. Hiba was out of surgery within three and a half hours, and her mother followed as they wheeled ther through corridor to the ICU. In this video you can hear her saying "Alhamdulillah," or "praise God."

The doctors report that Hiba is doing very well. The worry was that when the doctors fixed her heart, that her lungs might not be able to pump all of the extra blood, but that has proven to be a non-issue thus far. The Lord is awesome in holding the children in his hands.

Hiba will be on mechanical ventilation for the first hours after surgery, and will remain in the ICU for at least the next 1-2 days, but the surgery went very well.

Hiba to Surgery on Sunday

Posted on Fri, 05/28/2010 - 01:00 by Ellen_Husted

It's official; Hiba's having surgery on Sunday! Simcha, Charles (Chip) and I took Hiba and her mother to Wolfson this afternoon to be admitted before her surgery. Our driver Charles (who has never driven in Israel before) maneuvered excellently through the Tel Aviv traffic and got us all safely to the hospital. Once at Wolfson, the day consisted mostly of waiting for Hiba to get her first set of vitals and be admitted. All five of us sat in the room, and killed the time by taking pictures of each other, tickling each other, and playing on a playground outside.

When the doctor came in to admit Hiba, she was a very good patient and after her vitals were taken we left her and her mother in the hospital room where they await her surgery on Sunday, 30 May.
Please continue to keep Hiba and her mother in your prayers, as well and the surgeon and nurses who will perform the surgery on Sunday.

A Hard Day to Smile

Posted on Wed, 05/26/2010 - 07:46 by Mary_Dailey

Hiba had her heart catherization today. Donna, Chip and I went down to Wolfson early this morning and got there just as they were taking Aram down the hall for his surgery, so Donna and Chip went with him and I went to be with Hiba and her mother. Hiba slept for a good while and when she woke up she was all smiles. I thought to myself, "she even wakes up smiling, how can she be this way all the time." I found out later that she's just like any other child, she has her happy times and her angry times.

She played for a good while and then she wanted something to drink. When children have a heart catheterization they cannot drink or eat anything until a couple of hours after it's done. She started to cry and her mother tried to comfort her but then Hiba got angry.

A good bit of time had gone by so I asked the nurse if they knew when she would go and she said Hiba would be the second one and they didn't know how long it would be. We took her down to the play room and she was o.k. for a while but this didn't last long.

We tried every way we could to entertain her but it's only natural when you're hungry and thirsty and can't have anything even to drink to be unhappy. The funny part of this is that everytime I tried to get a picture of her pouting she would see the camera and instantly smile a great big smile.

They didn't take her down for her catherization until 11:30 a.m. This would be hard for any child. I found out she's not an angel, that she's human just like us.

When they finally came and took her up it didn't take to long for them to complete the procedure, and they said that they would let us know how it turned out tomorrow. She was not happy at all because she still could not have anything to drink. They sedated her and she slept some. When we left she was sleeping. Please pray with us for the return of her sweet smile.