Ibrahim's Heart Surgery

The Gaza Strip

Ibrahim Home to Gaza

Posted on Sun, 05/15/2011 - 07:46 by Robin_Miller
Today I went to the hospital with Donna to visit with Ibrahim, who got a clean bill of health and was released to go home after his successful surgery this last week. Dad was ecstatic and little Ibrahim was happy as long as he was with daddy. I think the picture says it all: his dad being so happy and little Ibrahim was very comfortable in his arms ready to go see his mom. Ibrahim crossed back into Gaza not long before a mortar attack took place, just as another patient was crossing into Israel--a reminder to pray for the safety in transit of both the families and our coworkers. 

Ibrahim Doing Wonderfully

Posted on Sun, 05/15/2011 - 07:46 by Robin_Miller
The doctors are amazed at how quickly little Ibrahim from Gaza is healing since his surgery. He is doing so well, we found him and his smiling dad outside today enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. It's really a blessing when we have a surgery that goes so well as this one has. Thank you for your prayers for Ibrahim. Looks like he will be going home to Gaza very shortly. Praise the Lord!

Surgery Day for Ibrahim

Posted on Thu, 01/29/2009 - 00:00 by Robin_Miller
Today was a very productive day for little Ibrahim from Gaza. Ibrahim had heart surgery today (instead of yesterday as originally planned) and it was a great day! We arrived at the hospital to see Abu (father of) Ibrahim excited about his son's surgery day, and Ibrahim was quite submissive, as he didn't really understand what was about to happen to him. We were not sure what time the actual surgery would take place due to an emergency surgery that took precedence over Ibrahim's, so Abu Ibrahim walked with his son in his arms all around the ward and spent some time with him outside just waiting to be called. Little Ibrahim was hungry and it was very difficult for his daddy not to want to give him something to eat. But they patiently waited till around 1 pm when the nurses called them in to get ready to go down to the surgery ward.
Ibrahim was still pretty calm and daddy walked with him inside to the pre-operating room to get prepped for surgery. During the surgery time, dad seemed really calm and sat outside for part of the time and then came in to the ICU waiting room where some of Shevet's other parents were resting and talking and visiting. This gave dad a chance to relax and not worry. It seemed as though the time flew by before we saw the nurses prepping Ibrahim's bed for the ICU recovery station, and then Ibrahim coming down the hallway with a nurse ventilating him by hand. 

The surgery took approximately five hours and per the doctors was very sucessful, praise the Lord for His faithfulness! Thank you also for your faithful prayers. Again as most surgeries, post op is a very important time, especially the first 24 to 48 hours to make sure everything is working properly for little Ibrahim's heart. Daddy was very pleased and was able to visit Ibrahim in the ICU 40 minutes after the surgery. Thank you Lord!

A New Day as Ibrahim Reaches Israel

Posted on Tue, 01/27/2009 - 00:00 by Robin_Miller

Today was a new day for little two-year-old Ibrahim from Gaza. We were blessed to be able to pick up little Ibrahim and his father at the Gaza border crossing into Israel and bring them to the Wolfson Medical Center for life-changing heart surgery. Ibrahim slept most of the way to the hospital and then we got him settled in right away into the ward.

Once in the ward it was a little more difficult than expected. The nurses needed to give Ibrahim his IV port, which is used to administer medication during surgery and also used to take blood. The nurses use a strong light that shines through the little child's wrist, so they can see the vein in which to insert the needle and then the IV port. Needless to say this is not fun or comfortable. The nurses had a tough time finding his little vein and took a little longer than normal. Ibrahim was very upset and crying. Please join us in praying for Ibrahim which will be going into surgery tomorrow morning.