Jenan's Heart Surgery


Visiting Jenan's Family

Posted on Fri, 01/26/2007 - 00:00 by Autumn_Ridley

This experience has been very difficult for me. I remember when the doctor at the hospital told me that there wasn't anything else they could do and that Jenan will probably die. Upon hearing the news Thursday morning of Jenan's death I was in shock. I had to have the father repeat his words because I couldn't and didn't want to comprehend what he was saying. He told me that they took her to the hospital and at the hospital she died. The doctors said she
was very tired and worn out. So hearing this news it brought tears to my eyes but also a joy that she wasn't suffering anymore.

I told her father that when I returned to Gaza I would visit them. Yesterday was the day to make this visit. I had dreaded it for days but knew that I had to make this visit. As we pulled up and began to walk inside the house I heard the Quran being read. Once I was inside I was greeted by a very sad and very grieving mother, a few other relative and neighbors and lastly the grandmother that I had to share the news with from the hospital. I was very surprised to see that Jenan's grandmother wasn't upset on the contrary she was quite happy. I heard her telling others "It's ok. Jenan's mother is pregnant with another child. Hopefully this new baby will not be like Jenan." I was so surprised to hear these words. When Jenan's mother heard this she looked like she would just burst into tears. She kept herself busy while we were there and I assume she is doing this so she doesn't have to think about Jenan.

I was reminded yesterday after hearing the words of the grandmother and seeing her living conditions that she is in a much better place. Once all the others had left I was able to share with Jenan's mother and grandmother how sorry Shevet and I were to hear of the news of Jenan and that we are praying for them. I began to cry as I spoke these words because it was very difficult to say but also a joy because I know she isnt suffering any longer. I also shared the comments from some of our supporters and her mother really enjoyed them. At the end I told them that if there was anything we could do to help them just to let me know. Her grandmother shared with me that since the mother is pregnant there are some concerns that this baby will have similar problems as Jenan.

This family is very poor and most of them are very malnourished. She told me that they didn't have the money to purchase the medication that Jenan's mother needed for the month. I told her that Shevet would try to cover the cost if we could. She also asked if there would be any way that we could help with food since there isn't much food. I asked for the prescriptions and went to the pharmacy to purchase the medication. I thought to myself that the medication has to be very expensive or they would be able to purchase it themselves. For the 3 types of medication that she needs per month it is $10 and they can't even afford that. Most of you might be thinking $10 isn't
a lot but for people who can't afford to buy bread it's difficult for them to spend the money on medication when they can use it to purchase some food
with. So we took the medication back to the house and they were very grateful for our help.

This is coming straight from my heart when I ask this. Purchasing this medication could mean life or death for another life. There is a foundation established
with this family starting with Jonathan's family and now we are adding to it. This family needs our help and what better way to reach out to these people and
help. We are supposed to be His hands and feet on this earth. For most of us $10 isn't much and we spend that for coffee and a sandwich for breakfast. I
am asking that some of you will pray and ask the Lord how he wants you to help Jenan's family. For some it might be fasting a meal so you can help with her
medication a month or help provide food for them. I know our ministry is saving lives through heart operations but isn't this an excellent example of "saving a heart"? We feel that this is a perfect opportunity to minister to this family but we can't do it alone. Thank you for all of your prayers towards Jenan and her family. It's very comforting for them to know that others are praying for them. It means a lot to me knowing that others are praying for us here in Gaza.

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Jenan Died Yesterday

Posted on Mon, 01/22/2007 - 00:00 by

With sadness, but trust in the Father's love, we pass on the news to you that Jenan died at her home in Gaza on Wednesday, November 21. Our staff member Autumn hopes to visit the family this week, to grieve with them and comfort them.

"There's Nothing We Can Do"

Posted on Mon, 01/08/2007 - 00:00 by Autumn_Ridley

The first time I laid eyes on Jenan, I couldn't believe that this small bundle could be seven months old. I noticed that her father was very malnourished, as well as her mother, and I just couldn't believe how small Jenan was. While she was drinking from her bottle and afterwards, she had this very faint cry and I could barely hear her. The family shared with me that they think something else is wrong with her instead of just some heart problem. I agreed inwardly with them and prayed that we would be able to help save this child's life.

On Tuesday Jenan and her grandmother were part
of our Gaza run. Once we arrived at the hospital the staff at Wolfson were astonished that this baby was seven months old. She was admitted for cardiac catheterization and on Wednesday she was scheduled to go to the cath lab. When I arrived on Wednesday her grandmother notified me that they were unable to intubate her because her throat was too small, and they were unable to draw blood from her because her veins were too small. The staff explained to her that they couldnt catheterize her now, so she asked them when she would return to have it done.

As I
walked towards the nurses' station I was not prepared for the words that would come from the doctor. She told me that Wolfson was unable to operate on her and that they are sending her home. She has other medical problems that aren't related so much to the heart and they only deal with heart problems. She also told me that one of the reasons this 7 month child only weighs 2.3 kilos (5 pounds) is because her body is not absorbing the minerals from the milk. She is drinking milk all of the time, and a lot, but her body just isn't absorbing anything. She actually weighed over 3 kilos at birth and has been losing weight ever since.

Then the doctor said the words that I didn't want to hear: that she is inoperable and there is nothing else they can do. When I heard these words tears were beginning to form and I thought, how can I share this? I told Donna the news and asked her to pray for me and then I went to tell Jenan's grandmother the news. As I was telling her, tears ran down my cheeks. As I looked at the hopelessness in her tired face, it was more than I could handle.

Today when I arrived, the grandmother asked me one more time if there was anything that could be done for her granddaughter at the hospital and I told her no. She said that this situation is from God so what else can she say.

As we loaded up the van to head back to Gaza, I really wanted to pray for this child. Jenan was crying and giving her grandmother a hard time so I asked if I could hold her. I asked our staff to be in agreement as I was holding this child and praying for her. We anointed her with oil and prayed. While we were praying she stopped crying and when we stopped praying she began to cry again. I prayed for her and she slept just about the entire trip to the Erez crossing.

We are trying to see if there are other options for her that we might be able to help out with. One person mentioned that we might be able to purchase some special milk for her. We are investigating this possibility and are trusting God for a miracle in this child's life. It is going to take a miracle for her to make it. Please partner with us and pray that God will miraculously heal her and that her family will know that God did this.

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Tiny Jenan Struggles to Live

Posted on Sun, 01/07/2007 - 00:00 by Becky_and_Peyton

High-school students from the Anglican International School in Jerusalem joined Shevet Achim for a two-day community service project. Today's assignment included visiting Iraqi and Gazan patients at Wolfson Medical Center and at the Save A Child's Heart children's house; and by day's end, blogging on the children they had become acquainted with. Shevet thanks the AISJ students who freely gave of their time and energy!

Jenans problem was she wasnt getting the right fluids and necessary things to live. There are many more things wrong with her but, due to confidentiality, the doctors could not tell us what they were.

Jenan was scheduled to go through catheterization this morning and something went wrong. Also due to confidentiality, we dont know what.
When we saw this it made us feel so fortunate and lucky to have food. We wanted to help them so badly, but we couldnt do anything. We just pray that the Lord will be with this family and help Jenan.