Today's Surgery Long ButSuccessful

Karims surgery took place today and ended up taking longer than expected. He went into surgery at 8:30 a.m. and we didnt hear anything from the doctors until around 2:00 p.m. The doctors informed us that the operation was successful, but because Tel HaShomer Hospital isnt a hospital that Shevet Achim normally works with, the doctors were reluctant to give any details on the success of the surgery. In addition, cameras were not allowed in the ICU. Hopefully tomorrow we will have a better understanding of Karims circumstances and we will be able to take some photos.

Karims mother (pictured above on the left side of the photo) only speaks Kurdish, which was a bit of an obstacle. Today two other mothers who spoke both Kurdish and English were able to comfort her during the operation and do some translating once we were able to speak to the doctors.

Please pray for Karim to remain in stable condition throughout the night and for his overall recovery. Also pray for his mother, who feels isolated due to the language barrier and continues to be very worried about her son.

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