In Good Spirits on the Eve of Surgery

Karim is very excited about his surgery that is scheduled to take place tomorrow (Monday, March 10, 2008). Today he was transferred from Haifa to Tel HaShomer Hospital in Tel Aviv.

Today we spent time with him and his mother while awaiting one last echo before his surgery and his admittance into the hospital. Both he and his mother seemed in very good spirits, although the smile on his mother's face quickly turned to tears once she heard the sound of her son's heartbeat during the echocardiogram. His mother is very scared and the language barrier no doubt contributes to this. In addition, the doctors are unsure if his surgery will be done in one operation or a series of operations. His condition is very severe.

Please pray that the doctors would have wisdom in deciding how to handle Karims unique case, that his surgery will be successful. And pray for Karims mother who feels very alone during this scary time in a country where she is only able to communicate with one or two people.

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