Kouzheer's Surgery GoesVery Well

November 10, 2009
This morning Kouzheer and his mother were sitting together on the bed when I arrived at the hospital. He was scheduled to leave for surgery between 8:00 and 8:30 AM, so I arrived there with plenty of time to visit them. However it was 9:30 before we actually left to go downstairs to the operating room, and by then Kouzheer's mother was becoming anxious. Kouzheer was tired after all the games we played to pass the time, and fell asleep. He was abruptly woken up when the nurses came in, though he had no problem making his way to the surgical unit.

Only when it was time to actually walk into the pre-op waiting room did he become emotional, as did his mother. After a few minutes she returned alone, understandably sorrowful. We walked back upstairs together where she had time to vent her emotions, and then we spent the next hour and a half sitting outside the hospital grounds in the courtyard. At that point, Kouzheer's mother was very tired considering she didn't sleep much the night before, so she wanted to go inside to rest a bit. I left her alone for a while, and when I returned to her I found out that the cardiologist Dr. Birk had come to give her an update: "The surgery is going well. Don't be afraid!" As she told me this, she also explained that when she heard those words she could finally breathe again. From then on the rest of our waiting time was much easier on her. Almost exactly four hours after we last saw Kouzheer in the pre-op room one of the doctors came in to tell us that the surgery was finished and had gone very well, and Kouzheer was in the ICU on the floor below us. He explained that we could go down to see him after a half-hour. Then Kouzheer's mother began returning phone calls to her family which she had received throughout the morning, sharing the good news.

Once we went downstairs I believe Kouzheer's mother became a little distressed when she first saw him with the ventilation tube, chest drainage tube, and all the medication tubes attached to him. However, being reassured by the nurses and doctors attending Kouzheer that he was doing well, she began to take pictures so she could share the experience with her husband since he could not be here with them.

We sat with Kouzheer for over an hour, but the fatigue of the past couple of days caught up with Kouzheer's mother and she was ready to go back upstairs to rest. She has been experiencing some back pain and needs our prayers for healing as well. After sharing with the staff that she was not feeling well, and sitting with her a little longer as she received call after call from family members checking on Kouzheer, we made one more stop in the ICU before I left for the evening. We were told that Kouzheer would likely have the tubes removed from his body this evening, but by the time I left he was still on mechanical ventilation. Once this is removed Kouzheer will be able to move out of the ICU into a room in the ward. His mother was already asking when Kouzheer can return to school, as she knows this will be his first question when he is awake and talking again. Please pray that Kouzheer heals supernaturally fast, and indeed able to return to excelling at his schoolwork. Pray that his mother rests well tonight and will be healed from her back problem. The next few days will require a lot of stamina as she cares for her son during the difficult time of his recovery. Please join with us in thanking God for how well Kouzheer has come through his surgery!

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