Back to Their Future

When they arrived at our house last night, everybody was very eager to speak to Bestoon's father and Lara and Mustafa's mother. The six families waiting here in Jordan for their turn for surgery were very encouraged by the reports of the parents. And now would all prefer to go to Haifa!

They talked for a long time, we heard Bestoon and Ali's fathers still talking at 02:00 in the night. This morning we drove to the airport (pictured above), leaving our house at 09:00, and their flight to Iraq left on time at 12:00.

Already Bestoon's father has called us from his hometown in northern Iraq to let us know the families arrived safely. All his family say thank you, his father, brothers, sisters etc. Abu Bestoon said that they would slaughter at least two sheep on arrival back home. I wish I were there!

This concludes the story of Lara's journey to Israel for a new heart and new life.

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