Lawand Released to Return Home

Lawand's visit today revealed the good news and the bad news. The good news is he is released to return to Kurdistan and his family, and the tunnel created to direct blood flow to his lungs is working great. The bad news is he has a remaining hole (VSD) in his heart and may require another surgery in the future. It will be especially important for them to keep up with follow-up monitoring of his heart and how it functions. It is not a healthy heart to begin with, so it will need to be watched closely. The doctor advised a return to Sheba in a year. It may take a while for the impact of this news to settle in, because for now the joy of returning to family is the only thing on their mind.

After a joyful stroll around the outdoor park at Sheba we had a light lunch and returned to the Shevet House. We plan to celebrate the good news and ask you to join us in prayer about what the future may hold for Lawand, for he said to cast our cares upon him. Thank you, Lord, for the great things you have made possible for Lawand and the good plan you have for his life.

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