Breathing On Her Own

 Little Malak was doing well today when I saw her in the ICU. She is already extubated from mechanical ventilation, receiving oxygen under a dome, and has begun to eat again. I could tell she was doing better even before I went into the ICU because I saw her mother in the hall this morning. She has a relaxed and satisfied countenance now that Malak has received the surgery she needed. She was quick to encourage Deya's mother when we came back upstairs from the operating room, and is a good example since she has just been through the experience herself.

Malak did have a fever this afternoon when I visited, but the nurse said she is stable, and was receiving the meds needed to treat the fever. It is not unusual for children to have a fever post-operatively as their body works to heal. Please pray that Malak's progress continues, that she is able to move out of the ICU soon, and then before much longer be on the way back to her waiting family.

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