Mohammed's Heart Surgery

the Gaza Strip

Mohammed Returns to Gaza

Posted on Mon, 08/03/2009 - 07:48 by Justin_Strong

Little Mohammed has been through quite a lot for his age; at only 24 days old he has managed to pull through a very big open heart surgery. Today he was well enough to be released to go home to Gaza after receiving his surgery less than a week ago. His mother was very excited to be able to go home, and with several gift bags of clothes, toys and food in tow, left Wolfson Hospital with a healthy baby boy whose life is forever changed. Mohammed will have to come back periodically for checkups so please continue to pray for him as he grows.

Newborn Mohammed Rushed to Emergency Surgery

Posted on Wed, 07/29/2009 - 01:00 by Donna_Petrel

Tiny 20-day-old Mohammed from Gaza, along with his mother, arrived last night by ambulance after a day-long process of obtaining proper documentation and permissions was worked out with the Israeli and Palestinian authorities and hospitals. When I met his mother this morning, I didn't know who she was as she sat with us while Akram was being catheterized. Only later did I find out she was the mother of the emergency baby we'd worked to help come for this surgery, so I waited with her for the final half hour or so. She was thankful when the doctors brought her son past us, hand-ventilated en route to the ICU, as one of them took the time to say that everything was good while they waited for the ICU door to open.

She understood that she'd have to wait for a little while before going in to see her little one, and had tears of relief and joy in her eyes as she sat down to wait. The final report we got today as Robin left the hospital this evening was that Mohammed is doing very very well. Praise God! Join us in prayer for all the good things God has in mind to be accomplished while Mohammed heals and his mother cares for him.