Mohammed Recovering; to Cath in the Morning

Today's visit to Mohammed brought more good news on his recovery. Doctors had allowed Mohammed to eat and drink by the time we were able to see him. He was glad to see us, but more sleepy than yesterday and under more sedation. His father is such an excellent caregiver for Mohammed, and has requested soup from the moms in Jerusalem for tomorrow so Mohammed will eat well and rebuild his strength quickly.

While we were visiting today, Abu Mohammed called me to his side and pulled out a paper which he explained was a letter of thanks he's written which he wanted on the Internet:

To all my friends around the world especially from Iraq, America, Israel, and Jerusalem:

I thank you alot for your goodness and your prayers for healing for my son Mohammed in his first operation (the artery between his heart and his body). It was causing pressure on the lungs and that is why he needed the surgery (a miracle from God). And his case was sent to different hospitals around the world but they couldn't do the surgery. I thank you once again for your prayers. Please pray for his next surgery which is closing the holes in his heart. Special thanks for the doctors in Wolfson Hospital in Israel.

At the same time, I presented him with some of the prayer letters those of you around the world have sent to encourage Mohammed and his dad. 

He enjoyed reading them, and responded with more thanks.

During the morning as the tending doctors came in to check on Mohammed they shared that the catheterization will go forward Wednesday morning. Later Abu Mohammed whispered this same information to me so that his son would not hear it and become agitated. He said Dr. Tamir had let him know about this plan, and clearly this made Abu Mohammed feel better about the second surgery planned so soon.

Although Mohammed was mostly sleeping through today's visit, every time he heard the name of his friend Akram he'd wake up and check to see if Akram was in the ICU beside him. He was comforted that he'd be there soon, and went back to sleep. Finally when Akram did arrive after surgery, and Mohammed realized they'd finished hooking up all of the post-op meds and equipment, he was insistent that Akram's bed be moved beside his. Needless to say, the nurses could not re-arrange the ICU for Mohammed, and this made him cry. We hope that eventually the two of them will be close enough together to feel each other's encouragement during their tandem recovery period.

Please pray for Mohammed and the doctors who'll perform tomorrow's catheterization, as well as his dad as he waits for the results.


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