Najeeba Needs Stomach Ultrasound

This has certainly been a full week for Najeeba and the other children who came to Israel to begin their journey toward a full and engaging life after surgery. Beginning at 9am each day until late afternoon the children, their moms and the new Kurdish translator could be found anywhere from the exam rooms at the children's ward, to the Fish Room (lounge), or in the individual labs throughout the hospital.

Dr. Tamir and staff began charting their files, physical exams took place, and x-rays were taken. Everyone returned for echos and scheduled PPD; however, the last of these tests had to be postponed because of the priority of reexamination and of complex concerns for Najeeba.

Najeeba will need an ultrasound of her stomach.

Najeeba was taken from the children's house on Friday afternoon directly to Wolfson Hospital as she developed a high fever of approximately at 38.5C, according to her Kurdish translator when I spoke to her tonight. She was admitted into the hospital and today is resting. We will followup with her doctors and in the meantime ask you to pray.

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