Our Last Look at Nari

It's been a long haul but today Nari and his mother start their journey for home.

With his heart functioning normally and a repaired hernia Nari was ready to leave; but not until last minute details were hammered out, prayer offered on their behalf, luggage loaded, some final goodbyes and last but not least a few tears of joy and sadness.

I would be able to say so much about these departure trips but I just can't seem to wrap my brain around the right word in the English language that says it best, so as they say in Arabic, "Alhamdulillah, Praise God!"

Nari leaving the historic Shevet Center in Jerusalem

The journey from Jerusalem to the Jordan border was very hot, but not hot enough to keep us from a ride on Shoshi, the camel.

Nari was not so sure of her but his mother loved every minute of her ride. She told us afterwards that they don't have camels in Kurdistan so it was a much welcomed experience.

The last stop was at hand but not before one quick burger and ice cream cone from McDonalds, this time a big hit with Nari himself.

Once at the Beit Shean border all went like clockwork and within twenty minutes they were on the bus heading for Jordan, but as is with most photographers, just one more picture through the van door before we say goodbye.

Blessings to these dear people as we strive to serve our Lord and Savior in caring for His little ones.

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