Nesma 's Heart Surgery


"I Know They Are Good People"

Posted on Mon, 04/20/2009 - 01:00 by Justin_Strong

Nesma made it through her surgery to repair two holes in her heart and a
closed artery with complete success.

She is now out of the hospital and back home in Gaza. While she remains on some medications, she is expected to make a full recovery and experience a normal life. We called her family's home today, and her father told us that she is doing better and better every day.

On the road back home to Gaza, Nesma's mother told us about her time in Israel. She said, "When I was preparing to come to Israel, and when I was crossing, I was very afraid. I was afraid to enter Israel and afraid of the people. I didn't know what would happen. But after all they have done for us, the way the nurses and doctors treated us, the way everyone helped us, I know they are good people."

New Hope as Nesma Reaches Israel

Posted on Sun, 03/29/2009 - 01:00 by Justin_Strong

We brought seven-month-old Nesma from the Gaza Strip today for surgery at Wolfson Medical Center in Tel Aviv. Nesma seemed happy and alert when we met. She and her mother were checked in without incident, and when I left they were resting comfortably in their hospital room.