Noor Arrives in Israel

4 year old Noor together with four other Kurdish Iraqi boys traveled across the Jordan River today for his lifesaving heart surgery in Israel. The trip was unexpectedly extended by a three-hour delay at a Jordanian military checkpoint in the sweltering Jordan Valley.

Thankfully the air conditioning was working and the boys proved to be patient.

Our house in Jerusalem has been extra busy the last day or two as we made preparations for the next group of Iraqi children coming over for surgeries -- this time we have five boys ranging in age from 2 1/2 to 10 years old. We still have good memories of them from the echocardiogram clinic held in Amman in June, and knew that several of the children were urgent cases, so we were anxious to get them here. After a very long day getting across the Jordan border, they all arrived tired and hungry last evening. Below is a picture of Noor and his mother eating dinner.

Um Deya and Um Hawar spent their day anticipating the arrival of their new friends-to-be by working in the kitchen to have a meal ready for them. In fact, Deya was at the same screening, so the families had met briefly in Amman and this was a reunion for them. This was a great time to reunite for some families, and a time to continue the bonding process as they begin this miraculous journey of healing and faith.

Please pray for Mohammed Faraydoon, Mohammed Burhan, Noor Khalid, Bilal, and Ikram as they head to the hospital in the morning for their initial admission examinations. We look forward to how God will touch the lives of these children and their families as He provides all that is needed in this opportunity for their heart surgery here.

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