Rajab 's Heart Surgery

the Gaza Strip

An Appetite For Life

Posted on Thu, 05/28/2009 - 01:00 by Jonathan Miles

He arrived in Israel Monday night between life and deathand tonight we found Rajab already discharged to the intermediate ICU as he recovers beautifully from his emergency surgery.

The nurses told me that hes doing well, as evidenced by his long and loud crying! The mother asked us to translate her request to resume breastfeeding, and the medical staff quickly agreed in the hopes that it might calm Rajab down.

Recovering After Successful Surgery

Posted on Tue, 05/26/2009 - 01:00 by Justin_Strong
Rajab has made it through his heart surgery with 100% success. When we went to visit him at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon today, Rajab was still in the middle of the surgery, the only chance to save his life. A few hours later the surgery was completed successfully and he was brought to the ICU where he is now recovering.
The doctor emphasized that Rajab is not out of the woods yet. Though the surgery was a complete success, several days are still needed to make sure all his vital signs are stable and to remove all the machines assisting him now.
Please continue to pray for the life of little Rajab.

A Second Chance as Rajab Reaches Israel

Posted on Mon, 05/25/2009 - 01:00 by Emily_Brooks
A year ago Rana and her husband Wael from Gaza lost a newborn baby to a heart condition. Eight weeks ago God blessed them with another baby, Rajab, but then five days ago the young parents learned that he too has the same heart condition, and was failing quickly. Once word reached our Jerusalem office Alex and Erica worked nonstop to get emergency permission for baby Rajab to come to Israel for the heart surgery that can save him. Tonight at 8 pm the ambulance finally reached the hospital.

As Jonathan and I rushed into the ICU with a group of people, I caught only a few glimpses of baby Rajab, who was held closely by his mother walking beside us. (Follow this link to watch the dramatic video of his arrival).

The baby was quickly placed upon one of the patient beds and began to cry as the nurses attached monitors to his small body.

Several of the nurses calmed him down a bit with a pacifier and as they did, he turned his beautiful little face upward and looked at them with his big brown eyes as if to ask who they were and what was happening.

Rajab's mother watched all this closely, the worry evident in her face as she looked back and forth from her baby to the nurses. One of the nurses made the effort to explain what was happening to her which helped to calm her down. By the time the baby was sedated and the echocardiogram began, the mother seemed less stressed. She expressed that she was thankful that the baby had arrived at the hospital and was receiving the care that he so desperately needed. By the time we left, he was sleeping peacefully and the medical staff said they hoped to get him into surgery in the very near future, possibly even tomorrow. After a long trip from Gaza to Tel Aviv, the hope for this beautiful child is still very much alive.