Saeda's Heart Surgery

the Gaza Strip

Saeda Reaches Hospital in Israel Safely

Posted on Thu, 07/30/2009 - 01:00 by Justin_Strong

We brought Saeda, a one-year-old girl from Gaza, to Wolfson Medical Center in Tel Aviv today for a heart surgery. When I picked her and her mother up from the border, Saeda did not appear to be doing well. She was coughing and vomiting almost uncontrollably, and as a result seemed to be choking and having great difficulty breathing. I called ahead to the hospital to tell them of her condition and they immediately prepared a bed for her in the ICU at arrival. During the race to the hospital Saeda seemed to calm down quite a bit, and when an ICU doctor caught me right as I got Saeda out of the car the only symptom she had was a runny nose. The doctor said to me unimpressed, Is this the very sick child for the ICU? I explained her earlier condition, looking at the seemingly complacent child before us, and Saeda graciously gave a hearty cough before the doctor walked away. To everyones pleasant surprise, she didnt need to be admitted directly to the ICU and she is now admitted for surgery in the childrens ward. Please keep Saeda in your prayers, not only for her surgery but also for whatever sickness caused the incident today, as she does have some kind of bug, and that may delay her surgery.