Shad's Heart Surgery

northern Iraq

A Sleepy and Chilly Goodbye to Shad

Posted on Wed, 06/09/2010 - 07:52 by Michelle_Bradburn
What a blessing it was to see Shad and his mother safely off to Iraq this morning! There was a calmness in the chilly morning air, and thankfulness in our hearts as we said goodbye to this boy who we've known and prayed for for over two months. Although he was sleepy at this early hour of departure (6:00am), Shad was obviously excited to be going home, and yawned happily as everyone took turns hugging him and his mom goodbye.

Last night we were blessed to have a special evening with Shad and the rest of the families, an evening to say goodbye and share in this very happy time with them. We shared with them how grateful we were to God, for bringing Shad here with us, for bringing perfect healing to his heart, and most of all for God's great love towards us, and towards this little boy! That as much as we loved Shad, we knew that God's love is so much greater.

As I presented Shad with his gift, a children's storybook Bible in his own language, it gave me such joy to see the excitement simply shining in his eyes as he received his new book! As he gave me a very happy handshake, I told him (in my broken Kurdish) how much we loved him, and that we were giving him this book because Jesus loves him. I pray he'll never forget this, and that as he and his mother head back to their home they would remember the love they experienced here, and that they would see it's all from God! Let's give thanks for this boy and the new life he has before him, and pray that God would fill his heart with strength and love each day as he grows into the man God has made him to be.

"...So is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it."
Isaiah 55:11

Shad Free to Return Home

Posted on Mon, 06/07/2010 - 01:00 by Ellen_Husted

Today Shad had his last echo, and according to the doctor the results are "excellent." Also, his hemoglobin and hematocrit levels are back within normal range, so he will be going off his iron medication. Therefore he is done with all his follow-up procedures and will be going home! Please pray that he and his mother will be blessed as they return home this week. Also, please pray that Shad will be able to function normally following his return home; his heart condition (and his mother's concerns) have limited his activity in the past few years. Now that his treatment has been a success, Shad will have some difficult lifestyle choices to make. Such changes include walking, feeding himself, and other daily activities that his mother has performed for him. Pray that Shad will be able to take full advantage of his new heart, and grow into a healthy boy. Praise the Lord!

A Model of Good Treatment

Posted on Thu, 06/03/2010 - 01:00 by Charles_Hicks
Shad was released from the hospital today! He was given an echo in order to be certain that his heart was pumping correctly, and it was working very well. Dr. Alona actually called in the chief cardiologist Dr. Tamir with his guests to show how proficient the hospital's cardiac treatment is.

Shad is off all medication but for vitamins and aspirin, praise the Lord. After one final echo on Monday, he should be cleared to return to Iraq very soon. His spirits are still down from the catheteri
zation, but I'm not quite sure if it is him really being upset or putting on a show for his mother in order to receive her sympathy.

Regardless, he is out of the hospital without major surgery, only a catheterization which is praiseworthy.


Treatment Day Comes At Last

Posted on Wed, 06/02/2010 - 01:00 by Charles_Hicks
Though Shad was up by 7:15 this morning, he was scheduled for the second catheterization of the day, meaning that we had some time to play in the playroom. He spent a lot of time on the computer playing video games and working together crafts with his mother. At around 11:00, he was called in to have his catheterization. Though his mother didn't want to let go of him, we all had to wait outside in the waiting area. The catheterization took about five hours which was longer than expected, however Shad eventually emerged.

Doctors say all is well and we believe the hole in his heart is successfully closed. He is coughing and his throat is raspy, but that is normal for patients that have been intubated (or had an artificial breather down their throats).

They brought him back to his room and settled him in for the rest of the day. He was still asleep when we left. Thank you for your prayers.

Doctors Attempting to Close Hole in Shad's Heart

Posted on Tue, 06/01/2010 - 07:52 by Ellen_Husted

Today Shad was admitted to the Wolfson Medical Center, as doctors have decided to close the hole in his heart tomorrow by placing a device via catheter rather than open-heart surgery. Nava (one of the greatest nurses on the pediatrics floor) took his vitals and drew his blood as part of admission routine.Later we had a little difficulty getting Shad to wear the hospital clothes (he wanted to wear his street clothes), and he threw a bit of a fit when we told him he had to wear the hospital clothes. However, he eventually complied, and we left him tucked away in his medical attire. Brothers and sisters, please pray for Shads catheterization in the morning. Please pray for a successful procedure, and also for peace to be over Shad and his mother. Well keep you updated on how the procedure goes.

Dental Care in Preparation for Surgery

Posted on Fri, 04/30/2010 - 07:52 by Donna_West

The condition of Shad's front teeth was so bad that dental work was needed before he could be taken to heart surgery (a source of infection in his body could be dangerous during recovery post-surgery). The cardiologists referred Shad to a dentist in Lod that had been part of their network in years past to perform the needed mouth care. Dr. Deib put Shad to sleep to do the simple procedure due to his young age and fear. He had three teeth pulled and a couple more repaired and was back at the Shevet house with his friend Ahmed by early evening, wanting to eat.

Heart surgery is the next step for this little one. Please pray that God will calm his fears and give him peace. May his invitation for surgery come soon. Thank you Lord for all you have done.

Shad Can Have Surgery

Posted on Thu, 03/25/2010 - 00:00 by Donna_West

Shad joined the Shevet house on Tuesday evening, and today met the staff at Wolfson Medical Center for the first time. Shad is five years old. After a thorough examination by the nurses and doctors, I was pleased to hear Dr. Alona say, "This is good. Yes, he will have surgery." You may wonder how good can THAT be?? To hear a doctor say "this is good" about a child with a heart problem means that they are confident surgery will help this child have a better, healthier life after the surgery is completed. We were able to give hope to Shad's mother for a good outcome.

Dr. Alona scheduled a time with a local interpreter and friend of Shevet Achim, Ilan, to interpret for the mother the exact nature of the problem and the plan for repairing it. She will use a heart model at that time to explain the details. Until then, it is a great time for us to form relationships with the new members of our family. The relationship we form with them in the waiting time will help them as the situation becomes more frightening and stressful. They will need someone to lean on in the days ahead, they trust us, and we strive to help them see the love of the Messiah in us. Please keep this little boy and his mother in your prayers.