A Sleepy and Chilly Goodbye to Shad

What a blessing it was to see Shad and his mother safely off to Iraq this morning! There was a calmness in the chilly morning air, and thankfulness in our hearts as we said goodbye to this boy who we've known and prayed for for over two months. Although he was sleepy at this early hour of departure (6:00am), Shad was obviously excited to be going home, and yawned happily as everyone took turns hugging him and his mom goodbye.

Last night we were blessed to have a special evening with Shad and the rest of the families, an evening to say goodbye and share in this very happy time with them. We shared with them how grateful we were to God, for bringing Shad here with us, for bringing perfect healing to his heart, and most of all for God's great love towards us, and towards this little boy! That as much as we loved Shad, we knew that God's love is so much greater.

As I presented Shad with his gift, a children's storybook Bible in his own language, it gave me such joy to see the excitement simply shining in his eyes as he received his new book! As he gave me a very happy handshake, I told him (in my broken Kurdish) how much we loved him, and that we were giving him this book because Jesus loves him. I pray he'll never forget this, and that as he and his mother head back to their home they would remember the love they experienced here, and that they would see it's all from God! Let's give thanks for this boy and the new life he has before him, and pray that God would fill his heart with strength and love each day as he grows into the man God has made him to be.

"...So is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it."
Isaiah 55:11
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