Shad Free to Return Home

Today Shad had his last echo, and according to the doctor the results are "excellent." Also, his hemoglobin and hematocrit levels are back within normal range, so he will be going off his iron medication. Therefore he is done with all his follow-up procedures and will be going home! Please pray that he and his mother will be blessed as they return home this week. Also, please pray that Shad will be able to function normally following his return home; his heart condition (and his mother's concerns) have limited his activity in the past few years. Now that his treatment has been a success, Shad will have some difficult lifestyle choices to make. Such changes include walking, feeding himself, and other daily activities that his mother has performed for him. Pray that Shad will be able to take full advantage of his new heart, and grow into a healthy boy. Praise the Lord!

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