Fluid Drained fromSharwin's Chest

Sharwin went in for a check-up echo today, but he still had a large amount of fluid around his lungs. Even though Sharwin is on 2 diuretics (medications to help rid the body of excess fluid) the fluid volume in his lungs was very large. Therefore, the doctor decided to drain the excess fluid from his chest since the medication was not working satisfactorily. The procedure itself went well, but since there were no beds on the ward, the actual procedure had to take place in the treatment room. Then there was then a bit of a scramble to make room for him on the floor.

Please pray for Sharwin, that the fluid would resolve, and not make any further hindrance in his recovery. Also, please pray for Sharwins mother as she is very tired from her last hospital stay, suffers from a toothache, and (due to a language barrier) is quite worried and concerned about her sons condition.

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