Mother Grateful as SharwinComes ThruSurgery

This morning traveling to the hospital was exceptionally there was little traffic, and I arrived to see Sharwin and his mother, Aisha, before seven. They were still asleep, so I waited for about fifteen minutes in the waiting room and returned to find them awake and ready for the day. Sharwin did not seem nervous so much as tired and despondent. It was his mother that I was worried about, however she didn't budge until we went down to the surgical waiting area in the basement. While we were waiting for the anesthesiologist to arrive, Aisha began to show signs of fear. She began to softly cry while attempting to remain strong for her son. Sharween just lay there until he went into surgery

Thankfully, Michelle brought Wahaj and Dunya to the hospital today, and Aisha was able to spend the day with Dunya's sister, Zhian, who was able to provide good company. Aisha was such good encouragement to Zhian during Dunya's surgery last week, and it was nice to see that favor returned.

Sharwin went into surgery at 8:20 am and did not get out to the ICU until 3:20 pm.

Having Michelle speak the amount of Kurdish that she does was so helpful to let Aisha know what was going on. After we were granted admittance to the ICU, the nurse said that the surgery went according to plan and that there were no complications as of yet. Aisha was so grateful to see her son. She looked at me, gave me a big hug, and said, "Koor-ba-nee" which means "My beloved one" in Kurdish. It was so nice to see her and her child reunited in good fashion.

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