Learning About Sharwin asTests Continue

Today we went in to have Sharwins PPD (tuberculosis) test read. While we were waiting for the doctor, we began to get to know him and learn what he likes and dislikes. Through a series of translators, we discovered that at home Sharwin has two brothers and four sisters. He also apparently likes playing football and basketball as well as playing with toy cars. So at the hospital, we made a game of turning our shoes into vehicles and staging collisions. Anything that requires movement tires him very quickly though. He is similar to the recently departed Arina in that both are shy from the start but then they like to be involved from the sidelines.

Sharwin's PPD test came back positive, so the doctors are now going to proceed accordingly. This child is a very wonderful addition to the people of our house, but we need to pray that with his complex heart defect he can receive treatment.

Child Profile: 

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