Going to See Her Father

After an emotional departure yesterday from Jerusalem, this morning in Jordan, Vareen's mother seemed in a better frame of mind than I expected--and we all had a good breakfast together. Vareen serenaded us with songs on the way to the airport, keeping rhythm on her water bottle, and her mother said with a smile she was singing songs about seeing her father in Iraq.

We arrived at the airport just in time for boarding the plane, so we had only a short goodbye, which was much better for everyone's emotions.

We waited until we knew they'd cleared customs inside without any problems, and bid our final farewells with waves and blown kisses through the airport windows.

Varen is the first child I've been involved with who came expecting a successful surgery which was not able to go forward. The Save A Child's Heart doctors are carefully honest with every family about the treatment, and unusual cases like this one are hard on everyone who has come together to help save these children's lives. Even though we didn't see the hoped for outcome, we'll never give up on what God can do whether we see the miracles we pray for or not. With this in mind, we sent Vareen and her mother on their way home knowing they are loved, and that we'll all be praying for them as we trust God with Vareen's life.

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