Vareen's First Day In Israeli Hospital

Vareen is a lively and friendly little girl from Iraq. She is full of character! After a long journey from Jordan, Vareen and her mother arrived in Jerusalem on Monday night. The crossing was straightforward. Vareen made many friends with the Israeli border patrol who spent time blowing up balloons to entertain her. She was very tired upon arriving in Israel but both she and her mom were relieved to be reunited with the other families.

Today was spent at Wolfson Medical Center going through the numerous tests required upon arrival: blood work, EKG, echocardiograms and X-ray. Vareen was cheerful entering the hospital and enjoyed the many toys in the playroom. We had fun drawing, playing the piano, and painting.

Once the tests were underway, Vareen grew more apprehensive and tearful as many of the procedures were new to her. The blood work in particular was very upsetting. But she soon returned to her playful self afterwards, finding a plastic glove to blo
w into, creating her own balloon. Then while waiting to get her echocardiogram done, Vareen made use of the time by playing in the little house and serving us "food" from the window.

The echocardiogram was a long procedure for such a lively girl to remain still through, but she entertained herself and made the doctors smile by repeating their Hebrew back to them as they spoke.

By the time everything was done, Vareen was worn out from her long day, but she had managed to bring joy to many people with her silly antics, despite her tiredness! Vareens mother was also obviously very tired from the past few days but her support and love for her daughter stood out today. After getting a good nights rest tonight, Vareen and her mother will go back to the hospital tomorrow for Vareen to get have a PPD test for tuberculosis.

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