Fluid Around Hawraz's Heart Retreating

Our visit to the Wolfson hospital with Hawraz & her mother for a repeat echo was an important event. We had to wait a while before the appointment, and the picture above shows a little girl waiting for the doctor to show up. I wonder what goes on in a 6-year old girl's mind? I'm sure that she was hoping to have it over and done with and get the OK to go back home to Iraq, and be amongst her family and friends. The doctor did show up, and in no time the echo was in progress. This picture shows the procedure taking place.

An echocardiogram is a diagnostic tool that gives us a picture on how the heart is working as a pump. It also clarifies the success of a surgical procedure, and confirms whether a particular medication is effective. In Hawraz's case the echo today revealed that the fluid build-up around her heart has receded, which is a positive sign. Doctors adjusted her medications, ceasing some, altering others. The whole procedure took not more than ten minutes. The final decision was that our patient will need a further echo in a week's time, to ensure she is fit to go home. Disappointment was written all over mother and daughter's face, but explanation helped soften the blow, and an ice-cream made a world of difference.

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