A Clown and A Beach Trip Help Overcome Disappointment

Verena writes:
Today was Hawrazs second echo after her surgery. She and her mother went to the hospital with the hope that this would be the final echo and that they could go home in a few days.

Heute war Hawrazes zweites Echokardiogramm nach ihrer Operation. Sie und ihre Mutter fuhren mit der Hoffnung ins Krankenhaus, dass dieses das Letze fuer Hawraz sein wird und dass sie in wenigen Tagen nach Hause fahren koennen.

This time Hawraz walked very confidently, without any sign of fear, into the room where the echo takes place, accompanied by a clown. This clown made the echo into a really fun time for Hawraz and she laughed a lot. Unfortunately the result of the echo didnt meet the expectations from Hawraz and her mother: Hawraz has developed fluid around her heart (pericardial effusion) and she needs to stay in Israel until this fluid is gone. After the laughter during the echo, Hawraz was very disappointed that she wont go home this week. All the more I must admire the patience of Hawraz mother. I know that she misses her family so much, but when I told her that Hawraz will need another echo on Monday, she just answers Mushkilay nee-ya (No problem!) with a smile on her face.

Hawraz ging heute voller Selbstbewusstsein, ohne einem Anzeichen von Angst in den Raum, in dem das Echokardiogramm statt findet. Begleitet wurde sie von einem Clown. Dieser Clown machte das Echokardiogramm zu einer richtig lustigen Zeit fuer Hawraz und sie lachte sehr viel. Leider wurden aber die Erwartungen von ihr und ihrer Mutter nicht erfuellt. In Hawrazes Herz hat sich Fluessigkeit angesammelt (Perikarderguss). Das bedeutet, dass sie nun laenger in Israel bleiben muss, bis sich die Fluessigkeit zurueck gebildet hat. Nach all dem Lachen waehrend der Untersuchung war Hawraz nun ziemlich enttaeuscht darueber, dass sie diese Woche nicht nach Hause fahren wird. Umso mehr muss ich aber die Geduld ihrer Mutter bewundern. Sie vermisst ihre Familie in Kurdistan so sehr, aber als ich ihr mitteilte, dass Hawraz ein weiteres Echokardiogramm am Montag benoetigt anwortete sie Mushkilay nee-ya (Kein Problem!) mit einem Laecheln im Gesicht.

And Natalie adds from Tuesday:

Sometimes kids just need to be kids to play, to laugh, and to romp around outside. So to give the kids and their mothers a break from the stress and pressure of the hospital, we went to the beach in Tel Aviv for a few hours on Tuesday, which was Israeli Independence Day. When we first got down to the water, the children approached the sea timidly. Since they all come from a landlocked area, they had never seen so much water in one place before and the whole thing was a bit overwhelming! They clung tightly to our hands and slowly walked with us until the water was just past their ankles; however, they quickly became more and more comfortable and started happily splashing anyone who came within range. By the end of the water war, everyone was wet but very happy. Later, we enjoyed a picnic lunch, collected sea shells, made sand castles, and played around with a beach ball. It was wonderful to see everyone having such a good time!

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