Pressing Through The Difficult Days

We found Hawraz and her mother in intermediate ICU this morning. The second day after surgery is usually the most painful. Although she can now eat and drink and is no longer encumbered by the oxygen mask, she is still attached to the drainage tube.

Ryan writes...This drainage tube is an interesting implement: The body responds to a trauma such as open-heart surgery by deploying to that area a superabundance of blood and nutrients. In the operating room, after the surgeons repair the heart and before they close the wound, a simple plastic tube is placed next to the heart that in the days immediately after surgery will drain-off this excess post-surgical fluid which the body is creating. The tube exits the body via an incision below the ribcage, and at the moment Hawraz is suffering from this necessary but uncomfortable device.

Donna writing again... When the drainage tube is removed, 90% of the pain goes along with it. Some things just require more time than we want to give them. Every effort is being made to keep Hawraz entertained and comfortable even to the point of bringing a flat screen TV into her bedside. Father, may the healing continue in this beautiful child.

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