Less Medicine, More "Grandma Love"

A team of four Shevet volunteers went to Sheba Hospital with some Kurdish food from home today. It was a game of hide and seek trying to find Payman and her grandmother in the hospital. The good news of the day was that she no longer is in need of the constant 'watchful eyes' of the intensive care unit. She had been moved from the fourth floor to the second floor. When we found her room, it was obvious that Payman's grandmother was glad to see us, but Payman laid motionless with only her eyes following us around the room without expression.
Payman's Grandmother didn't understand why they had been moved and was concerned because Payman had not spoken to her since the operation. I reassured her that the move indicated a need for less medical care and more "grandma love" and Payman will begin to talk with her again soon. Our co-worker Muna began to play with Payman and the laughter was very good medicine for everyone.
When I had the opportunity to get a little information from the nurse, she told me that Payman had had a brief issue with blood sugar levels after her surgery, which had been controlled with insulin. Yesterday she was not feeling well, so some additional blood work was done the results of which are not yet available. It was a delight to have a little 'play time' with this sweet little girl. Tomorrow we plan to return with warm socks and a few more toys to bring a little more laughter, joy and information to Payman and her grandmother.
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