8 Days Post-Op, Payman Recovering Well

Payman continues to show improvement after her surgery, which repaired her Tetralogy of Fallot. She is now in a pediatric cardiac ward, in a two bed unit. Her grandmother continues to be with her. 
Her surgery was performed on the 6th of June. Eight days post surgery, her recovery has been straight forward. Her physical appearance displays a healthy pink colour, cool skin, and well oxygenated extremities. She is active, and moves freely, climbing over her bed rails to get a favourite toy. She is not short of breath, but does have some chest congestion, which is being treated with inhalation. This congestion is probably due to her inability to breathe effectively, as a result of her recent chest surgery. Regular analgesia, effective breathing techniques with physiotherapy, and splinting her chest with a pillow when she coughs, clears up this problem easily. 
Her nurse mentioned that her serum potassium and magnesium needed to be monitored and treated. This is routine postoperative management. Mentally she is responsive in a quiet and shy way, breaking into a smile when we played a little game with her. She is also saying a few words. She is not being monitored, which is a good indication that her heart rate and rhythm are stable. Her grandmother continues to be the friendly, familiar and supportive presence that this little girl of three and a half holds on to.
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