Bringing Cheer to Hospital-Weary Payman

Kristina and I visited Payman this morning bearing gifts of rice, pita, bananas and cheer. The most needed gift was the gift of cheer and assurance that this long time in the hospital will soon pass.
It wasn't long after our initial greetings that Payman's grandmother wanted to know if we had come to take them back to the Shevet House. They have actually spent more time in the hospital than in Jerusalem during their 3 week stay in Israel. It doesn't take long to become weary in that situation. In an effort to add some movement and playfulness to Payman's day, Kristina applied some gentle tickling and teasing techniques that soon turned into a game of peek-a-boo with funny noises producing giggles.
The nurse told us an x-ray was taken this morning and an echo is scheduled for this afternoon. Their hope is that when all the tests are evaluated, Payman can be released tomorrow or the next day to return to the Shevet household.
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