A Grandmother's Gift

Payman's new heart has required about a three-week stay in the hospital. What a miracle, what a sacrifice. We thankfully acknowledge the gift of healing that only the creator can give. 
I remember the day we visited Payman when her grandmother was expecting to come back to the Shevet House with us that day. It was all she could do to contain her disappointment when she was told she would be staying in the hospital. She was just ready for this hospital stay to be over! As I looked at this three year old little girl with her head in her grandmother's lap, I told Payman's grandmother this: "This is a gift you are giving your granddaughter. She will have a new heart to last her a lifetime. She has shared a very special time in her life and she will always remember this and remember you being with her. She will remember this gift you are giving her, long after you are gone and she herself is an old woman."
As this grandmother's gift of self-sacrifice has been acknowledged and valued I have seen an almost measurable increase in the joy, love, and smiles on both of them. Your prayers have added the presence of God's spirit to hover around them. As we walked out of the hospital today carrying so many bags, balloons and a colored pencil art set, we may have looked like a bunch of "vagabonds" to some. But I continued to hear a word that sounded like, "oof" but it was spoken with a smile and hands lifted toward the heavens with joy from a grateful grandmother with a smiling granddaughter.
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