Each One A Child Of God

With so many children from Gaza in the Children's Ward, it can be difficult to highlight each of their stories. However, each of their lives is so important to God and none can be overlooked. Please remember these are God's children who are precious to Him, and please remember these children in your prayers!

Today was a celebration in the Children's Ward. Three of the eight Gaza children that are currently in the Ward were able to return home after successful heart surgeries!
Rahaf, now eight months old, has been in the hospital for over two months. It was a long ordeal leading up to her surgery as she tried to gain enough strength to undergo the intense operation. After the surgery she spent weeks in ICU hooked up to every kind of machine to help sustain her life. Yet, slowly, slowly, she has recovered. Today was a joyous event as Rahaf and her mother left Wolfson hospital. We are excited that they are finally able to return home, although Rahaf's mother's funny and joyful spirit will be missed! Rather than dwell on her own fears and worries, she was quick to encourage and comfort other mothers whose children are having surgery. Our prayers go with her and her daughter.
Adnan was also discharged from the hospital today. This five year old boy's electric smile lights up any room and his mischievous personality has certainly kept us all on our toes while he has been at the hospital. It was beautiful to see the joy he has for life. I know his cheerful spirit will continue to bless his friends and family in Gaza in the same way it has touched us here.
Aya, a little one and half year old girl, was our third patient to go home today! We were excited to also be able to send her along with her mother back to their family in Gaza.
For now, four other children remain in the hospital, either prepping for surgery or recovering from a recent operation.
Anas is seven months old. His recovery has gone very quickly and he was moved from the ICU to the children's ward yesterday.
Sami's tiny little frame is hard to ignore. His critical condition makes his five month old body look more like a newborn. He was admitted last week for observation. When I saw him today, he struggled to breathe, even with the help of a ventilator. This baby needs our prayers. He has a long way to go before he will be strong enough for surgery.
Selma is a little nine month old girl, admitted this week for surgery. We pray her surgery happens soon and her recovery goes smoothly!
Amen's surgery yesterday went well and he is now in the ICU. This little nine month old boy will hopefully have a vibrant new life once his recovery is complete.
Earlier this week, I also met little Yahya (this name in English translates to John). This little boy is unlike the rest of our patients because he is not at the hospital for heart surgery. He is actually lacking an important enzyme that helps with digestion. As a result he is not able to eat without having loose stools. For a two year old, or anyone for that matter, this is rather unpleasant. Shevet Achim partnered with Save a Child's Heart last year to bring in donations of special formula for this boy. We are happy to report that this was a success and he is doing much better. His most recent visit to the hospital this past Tuesday was scheduled so that doctors could chart out a very specific diet for him, one that he will follow for the rest of his life. But this young boy's troubles have in no way crushed his spirit. He is by far one of the sweetest, gentlest, happiest children I have ever met. I am just happy we could help improve his quality of life so he can continue to spread the joy that is in his heart.
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